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Sales Workshops

To Improve Sales & Gross

Our goal in these classes is simple: develop professionals in sales. To do that, we teach my very deliberate, very effective and very proven process salespeople can follow every time, with every type of buyer - that will take them from the Greeting all the way to the delivery. Our focus is on developing high achievers in sales by teaching them the core principles of selling.

Management Workshops

To Improve Sales & Gross

Get all of your management team on the same page and grow the dealership year after year. Attend Joe's Management Workshops and you'll learn how to train, coach and manage your salespeople to increase your unit sales and net profit.

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Fact: If you set goals right, your sales will improve. Only 3% of salespeople & managers set goals correctly. Goal setting is the most important skill 97% of us are never taught.

The Most Complete Sales & Management Training Processes For Every Department

Follow the complete Joe Verde process for Sales, Finance, Service & Management and improve the customer experience overnight:

  • Increase Unit Sales Immediately 20%-50%
  • Raise Your Gross Profit PVR 10%-30%
  • Turn New Hires Into High Achievers Within 60 Days
  • Watch Customer Satisfaction Skyrocket


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A Record Month & Best Year!
"Last month we hit a record of 283 units and I know the increase is due to consistent training daily in group meetings and using JVTN®. As a Sales Manager, in the business for 41 years, teaching staff how to be productive in a positive way is part of Joe's philosophy. As a result, morale is high and we are having our best year in unit sales since 1959! Last month we hit a record of 283 units and I know the increase is due to consistent training daily in group meetings and using JVTN®. All 22 sales staff have a 90-day average of over 10!"

Bruce Moore, Sales Manager, Harry Green Chevrolet Nissan, Clarksburg, WV

We're up 103 units from this same month last year.
"This August, we sold combined 406 units for the month for Toyota and Lexus. Last year at this time, we sold 303 units. Growth is going strong. I have been with the company for 30 years, and a trainer for 33 years and have seen the growth from our salespeople on a daily basis. We have been using Joe Verde's online training and it helps us to focus on a more structured training format that is detailed to coincide with our philosophy and training attitude. We look forward to our continued growth and watching our salespeople succeed! Thank you, Joe!"

Dennis Andrews, General Manager, Jim Pattison Lexus Toyota, Victoria, BC

In just 2 months with Joe ... "Our units are up 10%, grosses 30%!
"We started using Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc. about 2 months ago, sending managers to class and using JVTN® (and the tracking). Let me tell you what a difference it has made at our dealership - everyone's attitude, motivation, and work ethic has drastically improved. Our units are up 10% and our grosses up 30%! I'm starting to hear Joe Verde word tracks on the floor more and more and couldn't be more proud and excited to see where we are going to be in 6 months! So if anyone doubts that training works, we are living proof it does. Thank you Joe!"

Mike Udell, GM, Toyota of Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids, M

I sold 30 units & my sales are easier!
"Last year at this time, I was averaging about 17 units per month. After being in the business for 1-1/2 years, I realized my potential for success by following Joe Verde's training and making sure that I treated my customers right. I sold 30 units in June and 27 in July, and I am one of the highest grossers at the dealership. My sales are getting easier as I am working for more repeat and referral business. I have found my niche and with the help of a great dealership and Joe Verde's training, there is no looking back! It's all about Attitude!"

Dan Sweeney, Sales Consultant, Fred Beans Chevrolet of Doylestown, PA

My biggest paycheck ever after JVTN®!
"I have been in the car business 16.5 years and I've been training on JVTN® for 5 months. When I say training on JVTN®, I mean watching the training chapters, taking great notes, taking the tests and practicing getting the words just right by saying the scripts out loud repeatedly. I learned the importance of bypassing price on the lot, not skipping any steps and to always be asking for the sale. I sold 15 units in May, 15.5 units in June and 13 in July. By the way, it was my biggest month in pay ever in July! I took home $12,500, which was over $900 per car and I took 8 days off for a vacation! Joe, thanks for an incredible easy-to-follow process that when applied as you instruct...just plain works!"

Dan Nougier, Salesperson,, Toyota of Northwest Arkansas, AR

Units And Gross Up By Training on JVTN®
"When I got in the car business 6 years ago, my manager had me watch Joe Verde over and over for the first week. I came out of the gates hungry and ready to apply what I learned. By my second month I was top salesperson, that continued for 3 more months and then I was promoted to finance manager. Recently I took over training our new salespeople, we have daily meetings with JVTN® and they also train on their own. In July, they were averaging 8 units/month with $760 front end gross, now 90 days later they are up to 12 units and grosses are up to $1,300! Joe Verde's training gave me my start in the business and I know I wouldn't be this successful without it, so thank you Joe!"

Andy Beam, Finance Director, Brookfield Chrysler Dodge, Benton Harbor, MI

Why Train With Joe Verde?

Joe Verde is the industry leader in sales & management training...Take your dealership to the next level in unit sales, gross profit and CSI when you partner with Joe.


Want to sell more each month? Or do you want higher profits & improve your gross? We can fix that. Joe Verde trains salespeople and develops leaders in every department of the dealership. Call, email or send us a message below and let's get started...