Are you fearful or fearless?

Are you so afraid of hearing a “no”, that you won”t do what it takes to get a “yes”?

I just saw the new Star Trek movie that came out this summer, and Captain Kirk is as bold as ever and willing to go where no one has gone before.

How about you, are you bold or fearful? Are you willing to risk failing, for the chance to succeed? Are you so afraid of hearing a ‘no’ that you don’t try to get a ‘yes’? Are you bold enough to give every day your best shot for the chance to succeed?

Don’t judge boldness by appearances, or what people say. On the surface, some seem bold and brash, but when you watch and listen closely, it’s mostly arrogance to hide their fear.

What are YOU afraid of in sales?

Are you so fearful of losing a sale that you focus on price too soon, and lose almost every sale by default because value is the deal breaker, not price?

Are you so fearful of getting a ‘no’, you’re afraid to ask for a non-price ‘yes’ again and again, and again and again, and again twice more, since 80% of all sales are made after the 5th non-price concern or objection is handled?

Are you so fearful of talking to a stranger in service to get a referral that you won’t talk to even one person a day (20 a month) to find 6 buyers every month, just by working 5 easy questions into a friendly conversation?

Are you so fearful of contacting someone who didn’t buy because you’re afraid they’ll blow you off, instead of knowing that for every 9 unsold customers you contact, 3 will come back, and 2 of them will buy the vehicle?

Are you more afraid of calling a sold customer regularly because they might have a complaint, instead of fearlessly building your business to sell more and earn more, year after year?

Do you fall apart at price objections in the negotiation or do you follow the 3 easy steps we teach to deliver more units at higher gross profits?

Are you confident when your customer heads to finance, or are you afraid your deal may fall apart because you took every shortcut because you were afraid to do things right all along?

When a customer comes in with a problem, do you hide out in parts or in the meeting room, or do you boldly go out and help solve the problem so you can earn a customer for life?

How you deal with the fear in commission sales, will make or break your chances of a successful career in sales.

It’s the things you’re most afraid of doing that have the greatest impact on your paycheck and your career.

Developing Confidence Is A Step By Step Process

The best way to overcome fear, is to develop your skills, which will mean more sales, which in turn will give you more confidence.

1. Develop more skills. I was afraid of price and of closing, too, until I developed my skills. Now I realize ‘No’ isn’t important - ‘Yes’ is what you’re looking for, and the more skills you develop, the more often you’ll get the OK.

2. Bulk up gradually. If you’re afraid to ask for the order 5 times, that’s OK, ask once. Then as you’re developing your skills, ask two times. Next week, up it to 3, and add one more each week. By the end of the month, you’ll have that 80% stat working for you.

3. Put your fears into perspective. In real life...what’s the worst thing that can happen to you if you pick up the phone and call someone?

What’s the worst that can happen if you ask for the order and keep hearing ‘no’?

There is no ‘worst’ thing ... nobody will hit you if you ask them to buy or if you call to say hi after the sale, or call the police if you ask for a referral.

How about looking on the positive side for a change? If you ask everyone to buy 6 times, it’s just a fact, more will buy.

If you contacted 5 service customers or orphan owners a day and ask my 5 easy prospecting questions ... that’s 25 a week and 100 more contacts you’d make this month, and whether you’re good or bad at selling, you’ll bump into a buyer or two in spite of yourself.

Just boldly go where most people in sales don’t - and don’t worry, you’ll do fine. And always remember...

Nothing Bad Happens
Unless You Do Nothing

About Joe Verde:

Joe Verde is the President of Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc. (JVSMT), and started in the car business in 1973. He was the ‘8-car guy' who became the 38-car sales professional, as well as a manager and dealer principal. In 1985, he founded JVSMT and is the leader in dealer, management and sales training worldwide.