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“What Do You Mean By Practice, Drill & Rehearse?”
updated January 1, 2017

Watch a free training video from Joe Verde and his top trainers, and get on the fast track to selling more cars, having more fun and making more money.

Do you remember Joe's "20 / 20 / 20 Rule"? Every day you need 20 minutes of new information on 1) your selling skills, 2) something motivational, and 3) on your products. Watch a video today and begin improving your selling skills.

Want Solutions To Everyday Problems On The Lot?

updated January 1, 2017

Joe Verde has been helping dealers, managers and salespeople succeed in the car business since 1985. Improve your skills and overcome common mistakes when you become a regular reader of Joe's Free Articles for members... There is only one Joe Verde, and he's dedicated to transforming you into a professional in sales.

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Tips & Rules To An Effective Demonstration
updated January 1, 2017

Make more money when you sell vehicles the Joe Verde way. Take a few moments and listen to a classic Joe Verde audio recording, so that you can walk out onto the lot today with a new skill in your “tool box” of professional selling skills.

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