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About This Course

We're the only training source that cover all the skills and processes for selling vehicles that ties to your dealership's Service department before delivery...Not only that - JVTN® provides more than 30 targeted training chapters for your Service department to develop their selling skills, present on the drive, and retain customers for long-term retention. Let's get started...

Course Outline

Selling In Service
  1. Joe Verde
  2. I’m In Sales?
  3. 4 Secrets to Success
  4. Easy Traps To Fall Into
  5. 5 Biggest Mistakes Selling In Service
  6. Customer Retention = Growth
  7. Why We Lose Service Customers
  8. Understanding Selling
  9. How We Develop Skills
  10. 3 Easy Questions To More Sales
  11. Q&A on Closing Part 1
  12. Q&A on Closing Part 2
  13. Biggest Mistakes In Closing
  14. Our Buyers 5 Biggest Concerns
  15. Presenting on the Drive Part 1
  16. Presenting on the Drive Part 2
  17. Presenting on the Drive Part 3
  18. Control the Flow Throughout The Day
  19. 4 Steps To Appointments That Show
  20. One Last Thought
  1. Seeing Is Believing
  2. Up Your RO
  3. Lost Time = Lost Revenue
  4. Higher Value = More Sales
  5. PDF Your Specials
  6. Happy Letters
Service Manager's Corner
  1. Tips To Sell More In Every Department
The Key To The Goldmine
  1. Why It Matters
  2. Where Are The Customers? Part 1
  3. Where Are The Customers? Part 2
  4. Cut Your Losses!
  5. Why Me?
Ask Your Way To More Sales
  1. Your 3 Most Important Questions
  2. Why You Need To Ask Either / Or Questions
  3. When Should You Use Open-Ended Questions?
  4. To Hear “Yes” More Often – Use This Question
  5. Build The Sale Using These Questions
  6. Trainer Q&A
  7. How To Get Their Buy-in Faster
  8. Turn Questions Into Commitments To Buy Now!
  9. Build Value Fast To Set Up Your Closing Question
  10. How You Put It All Together To Make More Sales
  11. Trainer Q&A
The Secrets To Setting & Reaching Sales Goals
  1. Joe Verde Introduction
  2. Are You Ready!
  3. Common Questions About Goal Setting
  4. The Facts About Success & Goal Setting
  5. Common Mistakes Setting Goals
  6. Trainer Q&A: Common Questions
  7. Key Words In Goal Setting
  8. Result Goals v. Activity Goals
  9. Goal Setting Time Frames
  10. Trainer Q&A: Goal Setting Time Frames
  11. The Ten Steps To Becoming A Goal Setter…
  12. Trainer Q&A: Ten Steps To Goal Setting
  13. Why Do I Need To Track?
  14. What Should I Track?
  15. What Are The Steps To Tracking?
  16. Trainer Q&A: Why Tracking Is So Important
  17. Why Use Current Averages?
  18. Forecasting & Projections
  19. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
  20. Trainer Q&A: Current Average, Forecasting & Charting
  21. Understanding The Math On How To Raise Your Current Average
  22. What’s Your Vision? What Are You Trying To Accomplish?
  23. Trainer Q&A: Vision & Bonus Section

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jvtn® customer testimonials

See what some of our customers have to say about jvtn®

This August, we sold combined 406 units for the month for Toyota and Lexus. Last year at this time, we sold 303 units. Growth is going strong. I have been with the company for 30 years, and a trainer for 33 years and have seen the growth from our salespeople on a daily basis. We have been using Joe Verde's online training and it helps us to focus on a more structured training format that is detailed to coincide with our philosophy and training attitude. We look forward to our continued growth and watching our salespeople succeed! Thank you, Joe!

- Dennis Andrews - General Manager, Jim Pattison Lexus Toyota, Victoria, BC

When I started in the car business, I trained a lot on JVTN® and got a good foundation of the selling process. I got away from it for a couple of months and my, sales started slipping. I made a decision to make training a priority and started watching Joe's 'Goal Setting' and 'Turning Incoming Calls Into Appointments That Show' Courses. The training helped me organize my day better, I go to work with my day already planned out and follow my plan. Following the incoming call script definitely helped me to set better quality appointments that SHOW up. Last month I sold 9 units and after training I sold 5 in 1 week! Thank you for making it simple, follow the process and sales will come!

- Ben Huff - Salesperson, McClinton Chevrolet and Mitsubishi, Parkersburg, WV

Last month we hit a record of 283 units and I know the increase is due to consistent training daily in group meetings and using JVTN®. As a Sales Manager, in the business for 41 years, teaching staff how to be productive in a positive way is part of Joe's philosophy. As a result, morale is high and we are having our best year in unit sales since 1959! Last month we hit a record of 283 units and I know the increase is due to consistent training daily in group meetings and using JVTN®. All 22 sales staff have a 90-day average of over 10!

- Bruce Moore - Sales Manager, Harry Green Chevrolet Nissan, Clarksburg, WV

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My Salespeople Can Play "Games" On JVTN®?

You'd normally say "no way" to salespeople playing games at work. But with JVTN®, you want your salespeople playing our training games so they practice on our virtual customers - instead of on your floor traffic.

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We couldn't agree more, and that's why we developed the... JOE VERDE TRAINING WATCHDOG TEXT-ALERT SYSTEM. Now There Are Two Easy Steps To Training Accountability

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Our goal with JVTN®... Training Reports is to make your job managing training easy. Now you'll have up to the minute - complete live reports on every training chapter. Everything you need to know to manage your sales team's daily training.

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If you knew everything your salespeople did each day, could you have more control over their activities and results?

In less than 3 minutes per day of your manager's time, JVTN® will show you exactly the 'targeted training' each of your salespeople needs to improve.

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Joe Verde VSA® For Every Salesperson

JVTN® includes Joe's copyrighted & trademarked VSA® for every salesperson. The best part: JVTN® will also teach them how to follow up & prospect in today's market!

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