“Business Development” For Salespeople & Sales Managers

How many more units could you sell if you had twice as much floor traffic?

Better yet - what if they all asked for you and what if 50% of the extra traffic bought on the spot?

The biggest gains in your career will come from learning how to develop your own business.

Sales Calls - Internet Leads - Follow Up - Prospecting

Double Your Floor Traffic - Close 50% - Raise The Gross 40%

Program Goals: Implement a more effective business development process for each salesperson and the dealership.

"I don’t like follow up or prospecting." So what - that isn’t even the question! The only question is do you want to stay on the "hope plan" and just hope your dealer can buy you some extra floor traffic so you can sell 10 units - or - do you want to double your sales and income within 90 days to 6 months and keep it there?

In our management classes we talk about the difference between Market Driven dealerships and Management Driven dealerships. In the sales classes we talk about the difference between being Market or Self-Management Driven as a salesperson.

What does that mean? Right now the example of how almost every dealership in the country had allowed themselves to become "Market Dependent" is obvious. The market crashed, dealers panicked, cut staff and cut expenses just to stay afloat and we have vacant dealerships in almost every community across North America. The same is true with almost every salesperson: when the market was great, they didn’t bother to develop their phone, follow up or prospecting skills - why bother, there were people all over the lot. Now most salespeople are struggling just to sell 8 or 10 units.

The biggest difference between most good salespeople (15-20 units) and those 30, 40 and 50 car guys we work with are their business development skills. Even during the worst part of last year, the highest achievers held their own in almost every case. They protected themselves by developing their Phone, Internet, Prospecting and Follow Up skills, by implementing our business development process, and by building a solid customer base they could rely on in any market condition.

A Dozen Advanced Closing & Objection Handling Methods

In "How To Sell A Car & Close The Sale Today", your salespeople learned the most effective methods to close the sale and get the firmest of commitments to own it right now with 75% of your prospects.

In this course, we'll teach them how to close the sale with those tougher customers and those tougher objections.

Why It Makes Sense To Improve Your Business Development Skills

  • The different types of buyers you deal with and their closing ratios
  • Why the gross profit is 40% higher on four of the five buyer types
  • How you can easily put 4 to 6 appointments on the board each day
  • Why developing your business means you make more money with less effort

Follow Up With Un-Sold Prospects (Phone, Mail, E-mail, Texting)

The people who just left without buying are your hottest prospects for a sale tomorrow. Why? Because 33% of the people who leave will come back if you follow up correctly, and when they do come back, 67% buy on the spot.

What does that mean to a typical salesperson or to the average dealership that doesn’t do much follow up? Do the math - it means you could easily increase your sales up to 67% overnight by developing your skills and by implementing my processes to follow up your unsold prospects.

Incoming Sales Calls

The average 100 unit dealership has a 20% closing ratio, which means they have 500 people on the lot each month that they had a chance to sell. Since most dealerships don’t track how many incoming sales calls they get each month, just take the total dealership sales and multiply by 1.5. Depending on their marketing, that means the 100-unit dealership gets about 150 incoming sales calls each month.

90% buy! Incoming sales callers are almost your hottest prospects. The people who go to the trouble to call a dealership to ask about a specific vehicle are very serious and 90% buy within a week. That’s 135 of those 150 callers, but the average dealership will only deliver about 4% of those incoming sales calls. That’s only 6 deliveries per month, and 129 lost sales every month.

If you’re personally taking 20 of those calls each month and selling just 1 or 2 units, you’re missing 16 potential sales you could be making if you just had the skills to turn that call into an appointment that actually shows up on the lot.

Prospecting By Phone & In Person

How long does a 5-minute prospecting call take? Exactly - about 5 minutes, or about the same time it takes to walk to the coffee machine and back.

The average salesperson has 6 hours of down time for every 9 hour day in the dealership. That means you have plenty of time to start bringing in people who ask for you. The best part, when they do come in, they buy 50% of the time and they pay you 40% more in gross profit.

We’ll teach you the quickest, easiest and most effective process ever you can use to prospect in your service drive and by phone, and to double your sales.

Internet Leads (All Types)

The stats on these are all across the board because there are so many different types of leads dealers get each month. From the leads they buy, to the leads from the manufacturer and their own websites though - one thing is clear: most of these are serious buyers. We’ll show you how to put the right process in place to turn more Internet Leads into appointments that show up on your lot.

Customer Retention

Retention is a process, not a ‘Thank You’ note you send after you deliver a unit. The value of customer retention is unlimited. Retention means you have traffic every day asking for you, and retention means you grow every year. So retention means you control your future in sales.

We’ll teach you my retention process and show you how to retain 50% more of your customers than even the best salespeople are able to retain now.

This is the game-changing course for your career in sales!


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Sales Workshop testimonials

See what some of our customers have to say about our workshops

When I first started selling cars my average was 8 per month. In the last two years I have attended 3 different Joe Verde Workshops, I use his Monthly Planning Guides daily and his Virtual Sales Assistant (software) to manage my customers. Now my 90 day average is 38.5 and last month I sold 50 units! I do well because I eat, live and breathe Joe Verde methods, training and processes. I am proof it works!

Trent Bright, Salesperson, Price, UT

I was averaging 15 units and the month after returning from class I increased my units to 21 (a 28% increase). We processed 38 Internet leads, set 10 appointments (26%) and sold 9 units (90% ). We took 50 incoming calls, set 20 appointments (40%) and sold 12 (60%). I attribute my success to your class which taught me how to set more appointments. Thanks, Joe.

Angelique Morales, Internet Salesperson, Rogers, AR

Before your class, I was averaging 9 units a month. After class I started really utilizing the phones on a daily basis and concentrated on becoming friends with them. My first month back I sold 16 units, and now after I sell a car to a customer they feel like they have become part of our family and not just another unit on the board. Thank you Joe, for opening my eyes to a new way of selling!

Tom Cahill, Salesperson, Campbell River, B.C

I was in construction before I started at my dealership 3 years ago...My dealership is very pro training, and very pro Joe Verde. They send us to classes and we have JVTN® to keep learning more every day. I compare what I learn in Joe's classes and online to having a set of blueprints used in construction. If I wanted a structure we were building to turn out correctly, I would follow the plans exactly how they were drawn. If I got off track on the building, I would take out the blueprints, reexamine them and make adjustments that were necessary. Now I follow the sales processes Joe lays out step-by-step, and when I realize I'm off track in Joe's 8-Step Process, I go over it again and again, then get back on track...I just came back from Joe's Business Development Workshop and am now implementing unsold follow-up, prospecting and incorporating all this into an action plan. I showed others at the dealership how to change the way we work the deal to all benefit with a greater down payments and higher gross. Thanks to my dealership for their dedication in providing consistent training by sending all our sales staff to workshops and for providing JVTN® for our continued education...My average gross on the frontend is $3,000 and my commission per unit is $750 to $1,000. My first year I made $60K, the second year I made $77K, and now I am at $110K in my third year. Joe, thanks for helping me realize that my potential in this business is enormous!

Jon Krabbe, Sales Consultant, Colorado

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