Close The Sale And Negotiate For Higher Gross On Every Deal

Close The Sale And Negotiate For Higher Gross On Every Deal

Program Goals: Develop advanced level closing skills and consistently follow a rock-solid negotiation process to increase unit sales and gross profit.

Develop advanced level closing skills and consistently follow a rock-solid negotiation process to increase unit sales and gross profit.

In "How To Sell A Car Today", your salespeople learned how to close more sales based on value - and that means more deliveries and higher gross profit.

Now it's time to take Closing & Objections to the next level to make even more sales. It's time to learn how to set up the negotiation properly and how to wrap up the negotiation in 20 minutes or less for even more deliveries and another easy 20-30% increase in gross profit.

When you use my effective 3-Pass Negotiation Process on every deal you work, you will definitely sell more units, have a lot more fun and hold more gross profit on every delivery. The best part - your customers will be happier with their purchase than ever before.

How can that be? Because the average salesperson leaves out the two most important ingredients in selling that sends people home completely happy about their purchase - fun and value. Instead of making sure "getting a car is fun" and instead of "selling the value", almost every salesperson shortcuts the selling process, pre-qualifies on trade, down and payments, starts the negotiation on the lot and then tries to grind out a deal with a weakly committed prospect.

Buying should be fun and selling should be easy - and it can be when you follow the processes we outline in "Selling A Car & Closing The Sale Today" and in the processes we'll teach you in this course. You'll learn how to keep the sale moving forward on the lot and through the 'Close' and then right through the negotiation with our copyrighted and trademarked negotiation process. That's why our customers are the highest achievers in the car business - bar none!

Note to Dealers and Managers On Working The Deal...

You learned how to work the deal in our Desking Course for Managers and now you have a consistent and repeatable process for every manager to follow on every deal. By having that process, you'll take your weakest manager on the desk and have them producing at above average levels overnight.

Now you want make that process at the desk even more effective. To do that; logically you and your salespeople have to be working together from the time they greet a prospect at the curb, until they bring you a deal and a commitment.

The Desking Process alone will increase sales and gross profit - and when your salespeople sell it right and set this deal up perfectly for a value based negotiation, the sky is the limit on how many extra units you can deliver and where you can take your gross per unit.

Most important: Customer Satisfaction! You can learn to sell at higher levels with incredible gross profits and make your customers happier than ever before.

Why is that so true? Because when you read about how customers hate the negotiation process - if you dig into the rest of the process of how the sale progressed from the time they met their salesperson - the typical negotiation in 80% of the dealerships is just another very bad step in a very bad process. They don't hate negotiation, they hate negotiating with a bunch of amateurs.

Clean up the selling process, keep it focused on the customer and the value to them of your product, close the sale my way, handle their buying objections without turning the commitment to price, sit the happy customer down to start the paperwork, and then finish it off with a quick and easy, non-confrontational, 3-Pass Negotiation Process, and you'll develop a loyal customer forever.

This advanced course requires completion of Joe's 2-Day How To Sell A Car & Close The Sale Today Workshop or JVTN® Course Certification of Ask The Right Questions & Close More Sales, How To Handle Price and How To Sell More Cars Every Month.

A Dozen Advanced Closing & Objection Handling Methods

In "How To Sell A Car & Close The Sale Today", your salespeople learned the most effective methods to close the sale and get the firmest of commitments to own it right now with 75% of your prospects.

In this course, we'll teach them how to close the sale with those tougher customers and those tougher objections.

The Secrets To Setting Up A Winning Negotiation Every Time

Why speed kills selling - and why slow kills negotiations
The difference between closing and negotiating
7 steps to setting up a winning negotiation every time
The 12 Rules you have to follow when you're in the negotiation
How to use a customer statement for more deliveries at higher gross
Another dozen tips and strategies for effective negotiations

Your Simple 3-Pass Negotiation Process

Understanding the process and your goal in negotiation
Your 1st Offer - the goal, the plan and your exact presentation
Your 2nd Offer - two critical steps that will bring in the gross
Your Final Offer - now it's time to get that last bump and wrap it up

Add $300 more in gross 50% of the time - after you already have a deal!

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Sales Workshop testimonials

See what some of our customers have to say about our workshops

Joe, I have been in the car business two years and I had been doing OK, averaging about 8 units per month, but my pay wasn't where I wanted it to be. After attending your Joe Verde ‘Closing & Negotiating Workshop', I am now spending more time with my customers, building the value and getting them excited about the car. I have been working on getting more ‘yeses' and getting more minor commitments along the way, presenting the deal the way you teach and asking for down payments. I love that when you ask for a down payment and give reasons why it's in their best interest, they give you a down payment. It's so easy! I have closed 4 of my last 13 deals with no objections, and I have increased my average paycheck from $3,500 per month to $8,000 per month. Joe, I love your program because it is a proven process that works!

Cody Miller, Salesperson, Colorado

Joe, I am at 3 years in the car business and 1 year at my current store. I sell Audis and I love the product! Before your ‘“How To Sell A Car Today' Workshop, I was holding a 7.5 car average with my biggest month at 10.5. I was right in there with everyone else at the dealership though, so that wasn't bad. After returning from your workshop and believing that my customers were truly looking for a sales professional, my purpose was to become that professional. When I got back to work, my sales jumped to 21 units, and I made more commission in the next 2 months than my prior 6 months in the car business! I have more confidence than ever before in my product, myself and my dealership and I truly believe that my customers are all here to buy from me now! Joe, your 8-Steps New Basics are my key to the gold mine!

Rob Hawkes, Sales Consultant, British Columbia

I have attended 2 of Joe's Sales Workshops, his Closing and Negotiating Workshop, and we have JVTN® in our dealership. Last year, my resolution was to get focused and make training a priority. Every day I made sure I did something, whether it was watch a video on JVTN®, read some pages in one of Joe's books or newsletters, or review my workbooks from class. It paid off, and I had my most successful year in the car business yet! I sold 222 units year #1, 248 in year #2, and 297 in year #3! I have been in the car business for 26 years and I can easily say that Joe Verde has the best training in the automotive industry and I owe a large part of my success to it, so thank you Joe!

Joe Archer, Salesperson, New York

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