How To Sell A Car & Close The Sale Today

How To Sell A Car & Close The Sale Today

Sell More Units To The Floor Traffic You Already Have On Your Lot

Increase Your Unit Sales & Gross Profit 30-50%... Within 60 Days

Delivering More Vehicles Today Is A Three-Step Process:

  1. Build Value... To sell the vehicle.
  2. Close The Sale... Get a firm commitment to own it now.
  3. Negotiate A Win / Win... Hold more gross profit.


Our goal in this class is simple: develop professionals in sales. To do that, we teach my very deliberate, very effective and proven process salespeople can follow every time, with every type of buyer - that will take them from the Greeting all the way to the delivery. Our focus is on developing high achievers in sales by teaching them the core principles of selling - and by developing the skills they need to leave class and start selling more units the rest of their career.

To Sell More Today - You Really Have To Understand Today's Buyer

We all know that our business and our buyer changed dramatically in the last 2 years. The days of casual purchasing are over and today's prospect is more cautious than ever. Today's prospect on your lot is also more ready and more able to buy today, than in the past.

There is some 'Rocket Science' to selling more units and to maximizing the gross, but learning to sell more by giving your prospects what they want and what they expect isn't 'Rocket Science' - it's just common sense.

We'll cover the most current facts about today's customer; their wants, needs and what they tell us are critical to you making the sale.

Mastering The Steps To Selling

Two things to remember:

1) Selling is 93% Process - 7% Product
2) Buying is Emotional - Negotiation is Logical

How many more sales would you make if you could get a firm commitment to purchase on 6 out of every 10 prospects you talk to on the lot? Exactly, you'd more than double your sales and triple your income, virtually overnight.

71% of the people who left without buying, said they found a vehicle they would have purchased. Almost all of those sales were lost because the salesperson hadn't mastered a simple process that would take them from the greeting, straight to the sale. With no clear process to follow, 90% of the salespeople put the logic (price - trade - down - payments) ahead of the excitement and value of owning the product. And they miss easy sales every day.

When you and your salespeople leave class, you'll walk out the door with an effective, repeatable process you can follow with every type of prospect, on every type of vehicle, at any price level - and you'll have the skills you need to turn your prospects into deliveries in under 2 hours, 57% of the time.

Value Is Most Important - Yet Price Is Where Most Salespeople Focus

Value is the first thing to go when dealerships and salespeople get busy or desperate for more sales.

Value is the first thing out the door on a busy weekend. It's "hurry up there are people everywhere" - pre-qualify on trade, down and payment - then close on price. And if objections come up, which they're guaranteed, to because no value was created - salespeople try to drop the price even more to get a commitment today.

Value has all but disappeared in today's tougher market, too, as dealers, managers and salespeople become more desperate for a sale.

What everyone has forgotten though, is that the value salespeople create, determines whether the vehicle is worth whatever price you're asking. To sell more to today's customer, it's critical to understand that price doesn't determine value - it's just the opposite: Value determines the price they're willing to pay.

You'll learn a very simple process that completely and effectively handles price at three critical points during the selling process...

a) When you're on the lot trying to build rapport, present and build value
b) When you're trying to close the sale based on value (to protect the gross)
c) In the negotiation, so you can maximize the gross profit on every deal

Controlling The Process - Closing The Sale - Overcoming Objections

There is so much we aren't taught when we get into sales, and not understanding how to be effective in each of these three areas will also cost your salespeople units and income every day.

Most salespeople do try to do a good job and do care about their customers, and most sales are missed by just a few words - not by a few dollars.

We will teach you and your salespeople exactly how to control the selling process so they can follow those steps to the sale. Closing is a process, not a question, and we'll teach your salespeople a simple and effective closing process. We'll also teach them how to handle all of the most common objections you get in today's market, with today's buyer so they can close more sales today.

We recommend everyone attend this course. You'll master the critical skills you need in sales, and quickly double your units and income!


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Sales Workshop testimonials

See what some of our customers have to say about our workshops

I started selling cars 8 months ago and had built a strong 17 car average. After attending Joe's Sales Workshop, I sold 28 cars back-to-back, and my new current average is now 27, and that puts me on pace to double my earnings from my previous job in the next 6 months. What I loved best about the workshop was that there was a ton of great information, more than I thought I would get, and I just changed a few things from what I was currently doing. The results really have been incredible! I started focusing more on FABs (Feature, Advantage, Benefit) Presentations and in getting more minor commitments (yeses) as I build more value. The even better news – I still have so many more things that you covered in class to work on for even more increases to come my way!

Wyatt Seep, Sales Consultant, Wisconsin

I started in the car business in September and my first full month I sold 4 units. Then I started to dig deep into Joe's online training and attended a 2 day Sales Workshop. I learned how to properly follow up with my customers, how to distinguish the difference between reflex and sincere objections, and the importance of getting yeses and positive statements. Putting all of that into effect, I almost tripled my units and got 11 out! There is no secret, it really is about Joe's process and following it!

Sid Varma, Salesperson, Thompson, MB

I started at Sierra Blanca about a year ago. My first few months I was at 4-6 units. After consistently training on JVTN®, my average went to 10-12 units. Then the light bulb came on after attending your sales workshop. When I came back I increased my average to 12-15 and this month I am just shy of a $10K month and the day is not over! By mastering my 'Yes' questions and learning to properly devalue the trade with the silent walk around, I am on my way to being a 20+ car professional.

Jared Storey, Salesperson, Ruidoso, NM

I've been in the car business for 2 years and was stuck in a 6-car rut that was looking really tough to get out of. Then, I attended your How To Sell A Car Workshop, and I am permanently out of that rut having sold 9 vehicles in just 7 days! Your class made it crystal clear that your 'New Basics' are the formula for success in sales. Your process is simple and now I understand (and believe) that every customer is here to buy a car from me now. It's been like having a brand new job, where I am in control. I have more fun at work and my customers love me too! Thanks for the best 2 days in the car business that have set me up for permanent, long-term career growth!

Matthew Forness, Sales Consultant, Pennsylvania

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